Classes held Sundays at 10am in our new Smithtown office

Call (631) 721-3531 or email today


This class was designed to simplify meditative practice and to help you realize, visualize, and actualize your highest potential.  We will teach you how to connect with your Higher Self (your energy), discern between head and heart, strengthen your intuition, and apply the principles of the law of attraction so that you can live a life of passion, purpose, and love. 

This inter-connective personal growth experience consists of 2 hours of genuine, open, honest interaction with others and most importantly, with your Self.  We help you create a new level of self-awareness via the art of inner focus. Blending guided visualizations, mindfulness and breathing techniques, and body/mind relaxation with group discussion on personal growth, quantum theory, and energy/emotional awareness we will teach you and learn from you every step of the way.  We may be experts in the art of self-awareness, but only you are the expert of your own journey.  Come laugh with us, cry with us, and experience what it is to truly connect... without Wi-Fi.  


We hope you will join us!  While we currently have a waiting list for class, we are also prepping and planning new classes and increased hours, so contact us and request to sign up today.