The mind, heart, and spirit are muscles that must be exercised before they can be properly flexed. My business is spiritual fitness, and I consider myself the MOST personal trainer that anyone can have.
— Jordan Nacht

Jordan M. Nacht, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, is the Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Pivotal Approach. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Adelphi University.  Following graduate school Jordan entered into private practice and quickly built a thriving business. Life had other plans, though, and he soon found himself as the Program Coordinator for Long Island's only Runaway and Homeless Youth shelter.  He brought his mindfulness, empowerment, and coaching skills to Long Island's most at-risk teenagers (ages 10-20), and quickly began to see the need for a new approach to mental and emotional health.  Inspired by his mission to help others take back control of their lives, Jordan has been coaching and counseling for almost a decade.  His unique and fresh perspectives empower his clients to become more aware of, more responsible for, and more accountable to their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions.*  

"Who we are is not random and is not something out of our control. Through repeated thoughts, words, acts, and (most importantly) beliefs about ourselves, we are creating our realities from the inside-out.  It's time to be the change we wish to see in our life, and embodying that change is what Pivotal Approach is all about." - Jordan M. Nacht, Chief Inspirational Officer



*Founder's Note:

Through almost a decade of practice I have been consistently brought back to one unrelenting truth: the only way out... is in. This sets the need for a psychoanalytic foundation of self awareness and internal exploration.  Awareness, however, does not imply change.  This is where the coaching aspect of Pivotal Approach comes in.  We are experts in creating plans to help our clients stay accountable to their growth - an accountability that may require daily contact with us.  We are willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed and grow, but the more important question is... are you? If so, we look forward to the opportunity you give yourself by reaching out to us. 


"Sometimes in life we need people who are willing to believe in us more than we do ourselves. Some of us need to be pushed to choose the path of courage and bravery instead of fear. Others might just need to tinker with some destructive habits, or to explore their relationships. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. We believe in you..."

- Jordan M. Nacht, Chief Inspirational Officer