The field of emotional and mental health needs to evolve.  The current standard practices are not as effective as people need them to be. We are excited to bring you our innovative approach - a completely individualized personal growth experience that bridges psychotherapy with coaching, meditation, and consistent accountability to the growth process.  

It's time to own your reality.  We commend your courage in wanting to transcend your current norms, and are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you however we can.

abnormal is the new happy.  

"Normal" is keeping most of us either comfortably numb, comfortably addicted, or comfortably miserable. Transcend your conditioned norms and limits with us as we guide you inward to realize, visualize, and actualize your greatest potential.   

Through education, individualized meditations and visualizations, and accountable daily/weekly habit instillation, you will transform yourself from a victim of circumstance to master of your reality. The life you deserve is waiting for you to create it, and our job is to show you how.

We are excited you become the change you wish to see in your world.